Meet the Team

Get to know the people at Capital Growth Solutions

Andrew Jackson
Andrew JacksonChairman and Founding Partner
Andrew Jackson established Capital Growth Solutions in 2002. A successful businessman with considerable experience in financial services, he also has significant interest and experience in building value in real estate, title insurance, and private equity.
Former Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce in Budapest and Chairman of the city’s Lions Club, he is generous in his support of youth development through participation in sport.
It is Andrew’s entrepreneurial spirit that drives the vision and motivates the team to perform.
Andrew is also on the Board of the Federation of European Independent Financial Advisers (FEIFA)
Robert Easton - BA Law, APMI, TEP, ACSI
Robert Easton - BA Law, APMI, TEP, ACSI Managing Partner
Robert Easton is an experienced financial services professional who has served on the board of a number of financial services companies, international property companies, and investment funds. With his extensive knowledge of UK, US, and international life assurance, pensions, investments, real estate, trusts, and estate planning, he is pioneering TRUE Financial Planning.
Robert is responsible for the day-to-day management of operations, ensuring the successful delivery of advice and solutions to our clients.
Kevin Connor - Juris Doctor
Kevin Connor - Juris DoctorCorporate Development Partner
Kevin Connor is a veteran business lawyer who helped global law firm Squire Sanders establish a stronghold in Central and Eastern Europe. With more than 25 years’ transactional experience across a range of industries and areas, including complicated cross-border M&A, Joint Ventures, Private Equity, and Corporate Law, Kevin brings significant expertise and practical experience to the company. These are invaluable in building solid foundations from which the business can grow. He also has the energy and insight to guide the company through today’s ever-changing commercial and regulatory landscape.
Christopher Day
Christopher DayBusiness Partner
Christopher Day has years of experience in running his own successful UK-regulated financial services and mortgage business serving the needs of the local market. Level 4 qualified in the UK, he partners with Capital Growth Solutions to enable us to offer regulated investment and retirement planning solutions to expats around Europe under EU passport regulations.
Liam Crow
Liam CrowInsurance Associate
Liam Crow is the company’s specialist in private medical, life, and health insurance. He is also a member of the board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, a non-governmental, non-political, and financially independent organisation representing the interests of nearly 400 members from 23 different countries.
Hanna Horvath
Hanna HorvathAdministrator
Hanna is a management intern, working as liaison between clients and the partners, helping with marketing initiatives and website maintenance. She is the personal assistant to Robert Easton, helping to arrange events and appointments and undertaking investment research.


Brand design: Tamara Barnoff

Tamara Barnoff is the creative inspiration behind our corporate brand and our website’s visual content.

With a background in high-end fashion design, she designs and creates pret-à-porter collections for women and men, haute couture creations, shoes, accessories, and eyewear under the Barnoff label.

She also works in fashion, film, and theatre. Her unique style and attitude to life and their application in corporate branding combine to mark a new direction for Capital Growth Solutions.

People are the real value, everything else is just tools. In the same way that everyone deserves to wear clothes that are comfortable and fit perfectly, so too should everyone have a personally tailored financial plan to help them achieve their goals.

With Barnoff style and TRUE Financial Planning we transcend generations. We represent those who are not afraid to be different, those who are accepting, those who are open to change.

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Tamara started designing at the age of 15 and moved to Budapest with her daughter in 2004 where they work together today.

Artwork: Eva Navarro

Eva Navarro is a Spanish painter based in Madrid where she studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense, refining her skill and developing her passion at an Art Academy called Artaquio.

At first, she mainly painted landscapes but, gradually, characters started sneaking onto her canvasses. The human figure slowly became more and more important, until the day she decided to get rid of the landscapes and make the human figure the focus of her paintings. Through her anonymous characters she expresses what really matters to her: the intangible, the emotions, the time that vanishes, the existential doubts and worries of everyday life.

Her models are real people whose paths she has crossed. When travelling she takes thousands of photos of people and incorporates them into her particular world.

Looking for a theme for our new website, we were inspired by her work Life is mobile, which encapsulates the expatriates who make up our main client base.

Our registered office in Budapest overlooks St Stephen’s Basilica. From our vantage point, we can see the unique backdrop of Szent István tér, which she has incorporated so beautifully into the artwork we commissioned her to prepare based on the Life is mobile theme.

Copywriting: Írj Jól Kft

Financial services text will never win a Pulitzer prize. It can be very boring and full of technical language that turns off readers before they get the message.

Our brief to Mary, an experienced copy-editor, public speaker, and pitch doctor at Írj Jól Kft, was to convert our technical copy into plain, understandable English using consistent language and style.

We also wanted to give the serious subject matter a light-hearted touch to keep you engaged in the hope that at least one of our messages would strike a chord.